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KASRO working robot 4.0 DN250-600

Article no.: 1020003-E
  • self-propelled working robot
  • all movements can be performed simultaneously
  • milling in difficult geometries gets possible, e.g. a saddle of a pipe union
  • the tool head can be tilted 90° in the direction of driving by means of the 4th axis


  • expansion to DN800 is possible
  • oval profile attachment module to work in oval profiles


  • Motor: electric 3kW
    Article number: 1021435-E

Technical Data


Length without milling motor 760mm, Width 134mm, Height 154mm


Rotation 540° 0-2/min; Lift 250mm, 0 –10mm/s; Swivel of tool head by 90°, drive (back/forward) 0 –14m/min



Operating media


Milling motor

electric 3kW: 3000W
electric 2kW: 2000W


Milling and grinding tools according to tool list, custom made products on request

* The illustrations show articles only exemplary and may vary from the actual product received

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Product news

The new KASRO smART working robot DN100–200 with KASRO control unit:


Trade Fairs

20.-24. March
NASTT No Dig Show 2016, Dallas/Texas

22.-23. March
Dresdner Abwassertagung, Germany

22. March
Vlario, Antwerpen/Belgium

26. April
Deutscher Schlauchlinertag, Cassel/Germany

27. April
5.Deutscher Reparaturtag, Cassel/Germany

26.-28. April
ECWATECH, CityPipe, NO-DIG, Moscow/Russia

10.-12. May
>WOD-KAN, Bydgoszch/Poland

IFAT, München/Germany

No Dig Live, Peterborough/UK

01. October
IKT Reparaturtag NR, Netherlands

10.-12. October
No Dig International, Peking/China

20. October
12.Münchner Runde, Germany

08.-11. November
Ecomondo 2016, Rimini/Italy

Pollutec Lyon, Paris/France


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